Host an Event

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Courageous Grandparenting Seminar or Conference in your community. The following information will help you start the process and grasp what to expect.


The Courageous Grandparenting events are designed to work alongside churches or conference groups to help engage and equip this generation of grandparents in the battle for the hearts, minds and souls of the next generation—their grandchildren. These events will help grandparents understand the cultural realities of today and how to prepare our grandchildren to walk in the truth in a world that rejects truth.

Six strategic sessions address the cultural challenges and how to counter them in a life that finishes well:

  1. OWN UP! Does Your Legacy Really Matter: Do you believe that grandparents matter? God does, and He has a lot to say to us about His expectations for grandparents. In this session, we’ll unpack what God’s Word has to say two of three critical roles God intends for grandparents in the family. We’ll also examine why we can’t give what we don’t have, and what God has already done to equip up to help our grandchildren navigate the world today and walk in the truth. 
  2. WISE UP! Unpacking the Issachar Factor: Understanding the times and knowing what to do impacts how we fulfill Three Essential Roles of biblical grandparenting. We will explore how to apply the Issachar Factor to flesh out those roles.
  3. BUILD UP! Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing:One of the most overlooked, transformational tools God has given to us to help our children succeed in life and understand God’s purpose for them is the spoken blessing. This session unpacks the what, why and how of this powerful tool.
  4. GEAR UP! Allies or Adversaries (Adult Children Relationships): A grandparent’s impact upon grandchildren rests to a great extent upon the relationship with we have with our adult children. This session discusses five anchor points that make it possible for us to build and maintain healthy relationships, and to mend broken ones.
  5. STEP UP! Taking Back the Hill CountryGrandparents matter, but only if they choose to matter. How do we now fulfill that biblical responsibility to pass the baton of faith to the next generations? Where do we go from here?
  1. LIVE UP! A Legacy Worthy of Outliving You;This session explores a new paradigm for the Living Will we call the Living Living Will. You will discover an intriguing new way of viewing the assets God has given you and how to use them to build a faith legacy that outlives you for generations
  2. KEEP UP! Untangling the Technology Web:The digital world can feel overwhelming. We can either become captives to technology or learn to master it for God’s purpose. In this session we examine some tools and traps of this digital world, and how to help our grandchildren navigate them without be taken captive.
  3. SPEAK UP! Helping Your Grandkids Rightly Evaluate Pop Culture:  There is an endless stream of voices screaming wrong messages about life and meaning. Can grandparents truly engage with this ‘post-truth’ generation in a meaningful way? We believe the answer is a resounding “yes”, and this session will explore ways to start the conversation.
  4. CONNECT UP! Staying Engaged as Long Distance Grandparents: How do you stay connected with your grandchildren when you are disconnected by distance? We’ll explore practical ways to stay connected and make a difference in spite of the many miles in between.

*New to our program is the addition of a strategically important DADS AND GRANDDADS ONLY event on the evening preceding the seminar. MAN UP! In Search of True Heroes tackles the challenges of godly manhood in today’s world and offers some practical principles for being that true hero our children and grandchildren need and deserve. We recommend this be a free event and serve as an additional promo for the next day’s seminar.

  • Typically runs on a Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Lunch should be provided as part of the event
  • Each session is approximately 45 minutes in length
  • Final session also includes a Q&A time

We typically use one presenter for the Courageous Grandparenting seminars. However, many of our presenter teams are couples, which makes for a much more interesting and engaging presentation. If it is not financially practical for a church to bring in a couple, we can work with you to have just one presenter. Either way, our sessions are very inter-active so everyone gets involved.

conference will require additional speakers for workshops. CGN can provide some of these if desired. Better if the host facility can recruit workshop leaders from their own community. We only ask that we collaborate to determine what workshops will be offered and who is best qualified to present the workshops.

Very simply, a seminar is a one-day, six-session event. A conference is multiple-day event that includes the selected plenary sessions plus workshops. We recommend the one-day seminar the first time you do an event.

Speaker Costs:

  1. Travel costs to come to your location
  2. Lodging and meals while at the event (our speakers are also willing to be housed with people in your church or community)
  3. Honorarium: [$1000 per one-day event; $1500 per two-day event]
    We want to honor our presenters, who give a lot of time for this ministry, and to sustain the ministry of teaching. To do so, we believe it prudent and biblical to compensate our presenters for the time they give to prepare and teach.
    At the same time, our commitment is to serve for the Kingdom. Should your church or group have financial restraints, please discuss with us possible options for such situations. Feel free to contact us to work out a reasonable solution for all. Additionally, we ask that we be permitted to have a book table where we can sell resources for grandparents.
  4.  Book Option: We also offer the following book purchase option for churches in the continental United States. If you select this option and purchase at least 100 copies of Courageous Grandparenting by Cavin Harper at a 20% discount ($12.75/book=$1275 for 100 copies), the speaker fee is reduced by $500.  CGN will cover the speaker’s expenses for air travel and book shipping costs. You still provide housing and meals. This offer is limited to a church or community in the continental United States.  [With this option you get the books, a reduced honorarium fee, and eliminate airfare expenses for the presenter.]
  5. What will you do with 100 books? Here are a few suggestions:
    1. Use them to promote the seminar or conference by including in the price of the seminar.
    2. Sell at your bookstore or seminar book table for up to retail ($15.99). Use the profits to help with the conference expenses.
    3. Use as promotional give-away for a special project or fundraiser.
    4. Use as a promotion for Grandparents’ Day of Prayer (September).
    5. Use as a small group resource for study groups in your church.

Misc. Expenses:
Here are a few expenses that you will also need to consider:

  1. Lunch: If you are a church, you decide whether to cater or provide a meal prepared and served by volunteers.
  2. Promotion/Publicity: You will want to print fliers, perhaps submit a press release to your local paper or radio stations, put up posters, etc. CGN will supply the necessary artwork for you to use.
  3. Facility: Will you have to pay certain expenses to use the facility that will host the seminar? Will you need overnight housing?
  4. Workshops: If you are doing a conference format with workshop speakers, we recommend a minimum $50 honorarium for workshop speakers you invite to present their material.
  5. Handouts for the seminar: CGN will supply the handout document file. These will be your responsibility to print and assemble for distribution to each participant. CGN will provide (at no cost) plastic tote bags for participants to hold their materials and books from the event.
These Seminars are hosted by the Christan Grandparenting Network (CGN). So you understand the worldview from which we teach, please read our Statement of Faith and Core Values.

CGN Statement of Faith (PDF) (1 p, 134K)

CGN Core Values (PDF) (1 p, 136K)