Grandparents Day of Prayer

Join Us in Making

September 13, 2020

(National Grandparents’ Day)

A Grandparents’ Day of Prayer

Are you a praying grandparent who believes in the power of prayer on behalf of your grandchildren?


The Power of United Prayer

It is a global reality that truth is under attack like never before in our schools, our political arenas, the marketplace, and even in our churches. Christianity is under assault, and parents and grandparents find themselves involved in a tug of war for the hearts and minds of their children. It is not easy for our grandchildren to navigate in this post-Christian culture. Satan is relentless in his aggressive attack to desensitize our children to truth and righteousness.

This is a spiritual battle requiring spiritual weapons. Our grandchildren and their parents not only need our support, they need our earnest prayers. They need our united prayer, a genuine, unified prayer for our hope and dreams for the next generation to be realized. Jesus declared, “Again I say to you, that if two believers on earth agree [that is, are of one mind, in harmony] about anything that they ask [within the will of God], it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in My name [meeting together as My followers], I am there among them” (Matt. 18:19-20).

Christian Grandparenting Network (CGN) is claiming National Grandparents’ Day on September 13, 2020 as a Grandparents’ Day of Prayer. We believe the battle for the hearts and minds of our dear grandchildren and their parents can be won only by praying grandparents who sense the urgency and unite to do battle in prayer.

In the past, united prayer has always bridged the gap between a great need and a great awakening! Our grandchildren and their parents urgently need our unified prayers. Let’s be a community of grandparents uniting in prayer for our families.

CGN would like to invite all praying grandparents to join us to come before God’s throne of grace, to obtain mercy and find grace in our time of need for our grandchildren and their parents.

You can get involved in one of two ways.  You can commit to 30 days of prayer on behalf of your grandchildren, or you can volunteer to organize and host a GDOP event.  Scroll down the page for details.

Lillian Penner
Grandparents’ Day of Prayer Coordinator
Christian Grandparenting Network
BLOG: Grandparenting with a Purpose
Deborah Haddix
Grandparents’ Day of Prayer Coordinator
Christian Grandparenting Network
BLOG: Just for Grandparents

The Legacy Coalition is honored to join the Christian Grandparenting Network in promoting Grandparents Day 2020 as a day devoted to praying for grandchildren. We strongly recommend that in our churches and in our homes, we take this day to encourage grandparents to intentionally exercise this powerful spiritual discipline.” We commend CGN for their leadership in encouraging grandparents everywhere to participate in the Grandparents’ Day of Prayer, and we will be enthusiastically supporting their efforts.

Larry Fowler

Founder and Executive Director of Legacy Coalition

Commit to Prayer

Will you join us in prayer? It is urgent we stand in the gap to pray for the spiritual, emotional, and physical protection of our grandchildren and their parents, so they do not become victims of our culture. We specifically ask you to pray on Grandparents’ Day of Prayer, but everyday it is important to cover them with God’s grace.

30–Day Prayer Challenge

We are offering the 30-Day Prayer Challenge for you to use any time to enrich your prayer time for your grandchildren.

What is the 30–Day Prayer Challenge

The 30–Day Prayer Challenge is an opportunity for grandparents to:

  • COMMIT to praying for their grandchildren for 30 consecutive days.
  • ENGAGE in purposeful, intentional, and specific prayers for their grandchildren.
  • RECEIVE SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT from others as they make an immense investment into the lives of their grandchildren.

When does the 30–Day Challenge take place?

The challenge can be taken at any time that fits your schedule. Additionally, a corporate version is run annually through our corresponding Facebook group during the 30 days leading up to Grandparents’ Day of Prayer.

Click Here to Signup and Download your copy of the 30-Day Challenge
It is with great joy that I have the opportunity to recommend to you the Grandparent day of prayer. Grandparents that have lived their lives in Christ believing that the transforming love of God, the convicting and confirming ministry of the Holy Spirit and power of the Gospel will change their grandchildren’s lives and can impact an entire community. Whether providing full-time care or working on a deeply supportive relationship, grandparents will have influence over a longer period of their grandchildren’s lives than ever before due to increased longevity and better health. I recommend all Grandparents who own a passion for their grandchildren, to join with other Grandparents for this important event.
Jere Vincent

President, Family Builders Ministries, Durham, NH


Will you help us call grandparents to join in prayer? A Grandparents’ Day of Prayer event could be in your church, home, a retirement complex, or any meeting location you choose. CGN will provide step-by-step guidelines, resources, and online tools to help you create a successful event that will engage grandparents in prayer for your event.



Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the National Grandparents’ Day of Prayer (GDOP) Leadership Team. You are joining an amazing team of dedicated and passionate volunteers who care deeply about the hearts, souls, and minds of their grandchildren and all children. They believe that prayer is their most effective weapon for fighting for their families, and are committed to calling other grandparents to join this prayer movement to stand in the gap on behalf of grandchildren everywhere.

To get started, click on the Step Two tab above to learn more about the responsibilities involved in being a GDOP volunteer. Once you’ve got a good understanding of what’s involved and are ready to go, click on Step Three to complete your volunteer application information. Even if you’ve served as a volunteer previously, we would appreciate your filling out this form. Resources to help you organize your event are in Step Four.

We look forward to connecting with you in this grand opportunity to link grandparents in prayer for the sake of our next generations.



GDOP volunteers are dedicated followers of Christ who serve as prayer intercessors on behalf of the next generations. They are part of a team of prayer intercessors across the nation and around the world that are united in their resolve to stand in the gap for their children and grandchildren through prayer.

Should you choose to be one of our volunteers, you will be expected to take the leadership in organizing a prayer event in your church or community. While you have a great deal of latitude in how that may look, CGN has created this step-by-step guide to help you organize a successful event and to give you tools and resources to assist you in the process. This is a very simple event, but you can do much more if you desire. We only ask that prayer be the primary focus of all that you do. It is important to not lose sight of this being a prayer event, not a social event!

Here are the basic duties you will need to perform as a volunteer organizer of a Grandparents’ Day of Prayer event …

  • Sit down with your pastor and/or appropriate church leaders to tell them about this event and to enlist their support to promote it in your church.
  • Recruit and organize a team of volunteers to help you plan the event and to enlist continual prayer support for your team as they prepare.
  • Decide which kind of event would be most suitable for you. (A potluck, dessert, prayer time after church or in a home?)
  • Decide on a time and a location.
  • Provide necessary promotional materials to use in your church or community. Consider the best way to connect with the grandparents God wants you to invite to your Grandparents Prayer event.
  • Send or distribute personal invitations to as many individuals in your church or community as possible.
If you are interested in becoming a Grandparent’s Day of Prayer volunteer, give us your information on this form. You’ll be subscribed to our volunteer list and receive regular information from us.

We don’t require your physical address, but if you’d include at least your city and state, we’d appreciate the information.

Click the links below to review our statements before filling out the application.
View Statement of Faith  |  View Core Values Statement


Volunteer Form


Now What?


Before the Event:

  • Make sure you arrange with your pastor or church leaders to host an event and promote it.
  • Watch for additional emails that will give you suggestions and helps for organizing an event.
  • Invite a few grandparents to pray with you regularly between now and the GDOP event in September.
  • Download any materials from our web site you will need to promote the event.
  • Order the quantity of Grandparents’ Day of Prayer promotional cards you will need to distribute to classes and groups or insert in your church bulletin (link).

At the Event:

  • Introduce guests to each other.
  • Share a devotional about the urgency to pray for families, today. (You may come up with one or we can give you one to share.)
  • Share testimony of a younger person about how their grandparents influenced them spiritually.
  • Play short video clip from Executive Director and National Prayer Coordinator.
  • If in a large group, divide into smaller groups.
  • Share Prayer requests.
  • Handout suggestions to pray from the free downloads on website, if desired.
  • Ask grandparents if they would like to meet on a regular basis to pray for their families (monthly, biweekly or weekly). Get sign up commitments.
I like to say that God saved the best for last when He gave us grandchildren! I celebrate being Grammie to our eleven precious grandchildren by praying for them daily, so I was delighted to learn of the Grandparents’ Day of Prayer. I’ve been surprised how many grandparents don’t know there is a National Grandparents’ Day set aside to honor them. I use the Christian Grandparenting Network’s resources to help grandparents bless their grandchildren by praying for them on this day–and hopefully every day. Our precious grandchildren are growing up in a secular world we could have never imagined. They desperately need our prayers. Won’t you join grandparents across America in flooding the heavenlies with prayers.
Janet Thompson

Speaker and award-winning author of 17 books, including Woman to Woman Mentoring Resources and Praying for Your Prodigal Daughter.

For the last 2 years we have celebrated Grandparents Day Of Prayer in our worship service. Last year I spoke (briefly) about the importance of a grandparent’s spiritual legacy and followed it with a unison intentional prayer. It was neat to have to pause until everyone had finished naming his or her grandchildren and then continue on with the prayer. I am grateful to Christian Grandparenting Network for the resources supplied to make this ministry possible. Thank you, Lord for connecting us.
Pat Whisler

Elwood City, PA

Grandparents of every nationality, ethnicity and economy demonstrate their love for their grandchildren by showing everyone they meet a slew of photos, taking the kids out for ice cream, and buying them untold unnecessary presents. With one exception. Grandparents who know Christ also pray for their grandchildren.

Christian grandparents recognize National Grandparents Day as an opportunity to pray for (and we hope, with) their grandchildren. Mark your calendar. Set your minder on your smart phone. Invite others to pray on Grandparents’ Day of Prayer.

Phil Miglioratti

Coordinator, and

Grandparent’s Day is an amazing way to celebrate “GRAND parents”! In such a fast-paced culture, it is wonderful to have this day designated to honor and inspire grand parents. But more importantly, it is a holy calling to all grand parents everywhere to fall to their knees as strong prayer warriors on behalf of their loved ones. If we don’t do this, then who will? Join many other grandparents around the world in a time of celebration and prayer.
Catherine Jacobs

Executive Director, Pass the Legacy Ministry