#4 of 7 Biblical Worldview Absolutes

Every Person is a Worshiper and Longs for Meaning

“They [godless men] exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator…”  Rom. 1:25

In the immediate aftermath of 9-11 (can you believe it’s been almost two decades!), I recall how intriguing it was to watch our nation, from politicians to school children, suddenly turn their attention to God and “religion”? Churches everywhere were packed with people coming together to pray. Faced with something we could not explain, stripped of our security, and helpless to control our destinies, we were forced to look outside ourselves—if only for a brief moment. 

A cursory examination of human life makes it clear that mankind is wired to worship. Worship is what we venerate or idolize. It is what we value and hold in highest regard. When we speak of ‘religion’, we are simply referring to a system of beliefs—what I believe about God and the world in which I live which reveals what I worship. In other words, every person is a ‘religious’ person. Even those who claim to be atheists are religious and worship—whether themselves, reason or something else. Our objects of worship may be celebrities, money, pleasure, technology, science, angels, trees, Mother Earth or God, but we are all worshipers.

It’s part of our spiritual DNA as human beings. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHAT or WHO. God, our Creator, hard-wired us as worshipers to draw us to Himself where we discover who we really are. That’s why everyone longs for meaning and purpose. World ‘religions’ are man’s attempt to find that meaning and to seek answers for the unexplainable through human reasoning. Men instinctively know that they need something beyond themselves. However, rather than seeking to know their Creator, man creates new gods and religious systems in a futile attempt to find meaning and peace for his soul.

The Bible alone declares that no human effort can address the deepest longings of our soul. We are wired to worship because God made us in His image in which a deep, intimate relationship with Him satisfies those longings. He alone is the source of all truth, but man has believed the lie that we can be like God ourselves.

We create our own systems of belief (religion) about God and ourselves in which we elevate (worship) anyone, including self, or anything but God to that place of worship. Sadly, we are still left feeling empty and longing for answers. Our sinful nature deceives us into thinking something besides God is deserving of our worship.

But the reality is that we will either be enamored by our own sense of greatness and self-importance, or we will be molded by our surrender to the pre-eminence of our Creator, in whom we find all-satisfying delight.

These first four absolute realities, or truths, as summarized below are foundational to an accurate understanding of who God is, who we are, and our desperate condition. They create the framework for the next three Absolutes, the first of which is at the heart of a biblical worldview—our need for a savior. That will be our topic for next time.

Here is a summary of the first four absolutes we’ve examined in a very condensed way so far:

#1 – God IS and Created ALL that Exists… Including You 
#2 – Something is Seriously Wrong with the World
#3 – We are All Mortal and Live with Limitations Physically, Emotionally, Relationally and Intellectually
#4 – Every Person is a Worshiper and Longs for Meaning in Life

In the meantime, may I suggest you consider creating a journal called Non-Negotiables For Life (or whatever you wish to call it) using these Seven Absolutes. Use the journal to write down in your own words what the Bible says—not merely what others say, but what God says about what is true. Give it as a legacy gift to your grandchildren. You can add family pictures and other mementos of God’s work in your family to illustrate God’s goodness. They may not appreciate it much till later in life, but you never know the impact it could have.

GRANDPAUSE: Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever… and the Word of God… is the only rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him. (excerpted from The Shorter Westminster Catechism)

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